Support John Kim for India Missions
Support John Kim for India Missions

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What’s this all about?

Hi all! John Kim here.

This summer I have the privilege to head out to Bangalore, India with 19 other people for the month of July on Korean Campus Misson’s (KCM) Short-Term Summer Missions (STSM).  There we will be helping out missionary John Chung as we support St. Paul School (K-10) by teaching English and the gospel.  Also, we will travel the country supporting local churches and using every chance we get to help spread the gospel.

What our team needs most right now is your support! Your prayers are deeply needed.  I ask that you pray for

1.)   John Kim (me) – that I may grow in faith so that I can fully trust in God to lead me on this mission and remind myself of how blessed I am to have this opportunity.

2.)   My team (to the right)– pray for our unity as a team so that we can remain passionate and humble.  Also, that we are ready to adapt to the Indian culture so we may better share God’s holy message.

3.)   The people of India – pray for the missionaries in Bangalore and the small amount of Christians there to remain faithful and persevere. 

By JUNE 10th, 2012 I hopefully will reach my goal of $3500.00.  I could really use your support! Please help support me financially as I head out this summer.  

God bless all of you and I can’t express how much your support means!

For any questions or prayer requests, please email me at